Top 10 Halloween Sound Effects

Ah Halloween, that time of year where everyone gets to dress up as their favorite spooky characters (or not so spooky characters) and binge on candy without feeling guilty! Or in the case of those who dare, the time of year to experience bone-chilling terror…in the form of horror films/TV shows or haunted houses of course!


Creepy House in a Dark Forest
Creepy House in a Dark Forest

Setting The Scene

The night is pitch dark, but you can hear a storm brewing overhead as you stand in the middle of a forest. Leaves crunch beneath your feet with each tentative step that you take. Up ahead, you can see a faint glimmer of light coming from what must be a house. You move towards the light, thinking there will be salvation in that house. You hear a branch snap behind you, so you spin around but can’t see anything in the dark. Lighting suddenly cracks overhead and illuminates the forest for a split second and in that time you think you see something lurking behind a tree! You do the only logical thing, turn and run as fast as you can towards the house! Will it will be your ticket out of this nightmare, or will it be a house of horrors?


House of Horrors
House of Horrors

Have we set the scene for you? Your imagination can probably come up with a million horrifying scenarios of what you could possibly find at that house. Perhaps creaking doors, rattling chains and eerie voices coming from nowhere.

There are so many classic horror sound effects, that as soon as we hear them we know something bad is going to happen. We decided to go through our extensive collection of those sounds and hand pick our top 10 favorite in celebration of Halloween this year!

Here are our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Sound Effects:

What would your top 10 favorite Halloween sound effects be?

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