Sound Ideas Turns 40 Years Old

To celebrate Sound Ideas turning 40 on March 1, 2018, we sat down with CEO and President, Brian Nimens to talk about the industry, secrets to success, advice for those entering the field and what you can expect from Sound Ideas over the next 40 years.


Sound Ideas CEO and President, Brian Nimens

Question: If you could give yourself advice 40 years ago when you were entering this industry, what would you tell yourself?

Brian: “You’re not going to believe it but the industry is going to change substantially over the next 40 years.”


Question: What aspects of this industry have changed the most over the last 40 years?

Brian: “When I started Sound Ideas in 1978 everything was on reel to reel magnetic tape, today everything is digital with a higher quality of sound. This way it flies through the internet making the delivery method almost instantaneous. Forty years ago, the internet was just starting to come of age.”


Sound Ideas using reel to reel tape in the 1980’s

Question: Have you ever had a library surprise you with its results?

Brian: “The General 6000 was by far the biggest surprise. I knew it was a good library when we produced it because we spent so much time putting it together, but it became the standard within the industry. That the General 6000 was the library you start with because it covered a wide spread of sound effects.”

Brian included a conversation he had with a Sound Designer from Lucasfilm at a Tradeshow once, who stated, “If he had to pick one library for a film he was working at the time, it would have to be the General 6000 because it would do the job for me.”


General Series 6000 – Sound Effect Library

Question: If you could give advice to Sound Engineers entering the field today, what would you tell them?

Brian: “Be Persistent. No one is going to hand you a job or opportunity on a silver platter, you have to go out and find it. Network, follow-up, attend trade shows and seminars; it’s a job getting into the industry. Invest yourself in all the different aspects of the industry because you never know what path you might take until you’ve tried it.”


Sound Ideas booth at the NAB Show in 2007

Question: What’s Sound Ideas secret for continuing its success?

Brian: “Persistency and always looking forward to staying ahead of the curve.”


Question: What does the 40-year mark mean to you?

Brian: “A personal and remarkable accomplishment. I still remember when I first started the company and a number of people told me, “if you can just make it through 5 years, you’ve done well” and here we are 40 years later…”


Brian Nimens Recording Penguins at Sea World

Question: What can people expect from Sound Ideas over the next 40 years?

Brian: “We’ll continue to offer and produce excellent sound effects, production elements and royalty free music tracks for Film, Television, Game Development, Post Production, Interactive media and any other professional audio production you can throw our way. We know the last 40 years has provided us with lots of changes and we’re excited for what’s to come over the next 40 years.”


Celebrate 40 years of making great sound effects with Sound Ideas. From the first spark of an idea through the digital revolution in the audio industry to its pre-eminent place today. Sound Ideas really does sound incredible.



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