Sound Designer Interview: Julio Kladniew

Sound Ideas reached out to Argentinean Composer, Julio Kladniew to ask him a few questions about his career in the sound design industry…


What drew you to the sound design industry?    

Mainly the love for music and the interest in how sound worked. There was also the desire to be able to produce and work in a creative environment.


How did you get started in this industry?

After I finished high school, I started playing in wedding bands and after a while, I realized that I wanted to work in the music industry but in the studios and not playing live. There I got my first assistant job in a music production house that was dedicated to making jingles and music for commercials. I still remember that my first task was to pass all the tape files to DAT (Digital Audio Tape). That was a long time ago.

A few years later I won a scholarship to study Contemporary writing and production at Berklee College of Music in Boston which gave a direction to my career.



What does your job entail?

My job is mainly to create music for different projects, including but not limited to, videos, television commercials, or sound libraries.

This includes being able to interpret the needs of my clients, being flexible about the challenges of the work and always meet the deadlines that the project requires.


How do you come up with different projects to work on?

It’s an art to translate music and sounds into a required image. Several elements are needed to interpret an idea at the musical level.

It’s a mix between what the client needs, what I think is necessary for the project and the exchange of ideas between the people who are involved in the project.


What kind of tools or resources do you use in your day-to-day work?

The resources I use most frequently are virtual instruments, which are more sophisticated and perfect every day. It is incredible how the industry has evolved in this regard.

I am also always in contact with other musicians and producers with whom we exchange ideas. And whenever I can, I listen to new bands and younger musicians. They are bringing a very fresh and novel sound.



What have been some of your favourite memories from working in this industry?

One of the most gratifying memories has been the years of study and training at Berklee. That was a world of very talented musicians from all over the world making music day and night.


What have been some challenges you have had to overcome?

I believe that one of the biggest challenges that I had to overcome, of which I am most grateful, was learning to work with international quality standards in this industry. This I have perfected over the years and especially working for Sound Ideas, where quality standards are extremely high.



Do you have any advice you would give to someone wanting to get into this industry?

I do not want to sound trite, but in such a changing industry and with a lot of competition, you really have to love what you do, be very good at it and above all be able to listen and interpret what your clients are looking for.


How is the industry different in Argentina? Are there differences?

There are very good professionals in Argentina and we are highly recognized professionally in the Spanish speaking market. The biggest difference is that the market for this industry is much smaller here.


Julio Kladniew is an exceptional composer with wonderful advice for those entering the sound design industry. 


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